About PB Forestry

We provide a range of complementary solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We approach all services with the same aim to deliver a quality result at minimum risk. To reduce risk, our key strategy has been to invest in the right equipment so that we can carry out as much work as possible while removing the operator from any dangers. The investment in equipment has the additional benefit of increased efficiency of operation.

Examples of this are:

  • Use of robo flail remote control tracked units to cut vegetation to reduce the need to use strimmers and brush cutters.
  • Use of a Sennebogen unit and excavator tree shears to cut section and handle timber reducing the need for tree climbing and manual felling, essential for Ash Dieback works.
  • Use of a Sennebogen and excavator mounted flails to reduce the need for manual cutting and processing of heavy vegetation and small trees/hedgerows.
  • Use of tracked post knocking machines to eliminate the need to manually knock posts and to efficiently carry fencing materials across difficult terrain.


We have invested in a bespoke integrated computer management system that allows us to effectively communicate with our operatives in the field and manage compliance in real time. The system allows interaction from mobile phones, tablets and office based personnel to complete all our job flow processes, plant and vehicle checks, RAMS sign on, POWRA, job image captures, and job data etc.

The system is built round the field worker’s requirements, allowing them to access key information, whilst capturing job data and site specifics. The live connection allows the office and management staff to monitor compliance and job progress in real time, meaning information can be stored before it is lost and any issues can be addressed immediately. Job progress and sign off are also tracked in the system as part of our ISO 9001 (2015) quality assurance certification.

Why use PB Forestry?
Highly skilled workforce and leading edge machinery

Our staff are highly skilled and are committed to providing the best possible service.

We are proud of our top of the range machinery, which is carefully chosen to ensure durability, sensitivity and safety.

Focused on safety and efficiency

We are NPTC, CPCS, CSCS and SPA qualified and always put safety first. Our range of machinery includes remote controlled equipment which we use where possible to reduce the risk to the operator.

We are capable of tackling large scale projects efficiently and in an environmentally sensitive way.

Dedicated to the environment – Our environmental charter

PB Forestry strives to ensure any environmental impact on the landscape is a positive one. With ecologists, wildlife trusts and Natural England as clients,  we are fully aware of the role we play in ensuring that woodlands and wildlife is preserved.

We commit to:

✔️ Ensuring that all machinery is environmentally sensitive.

✔️ Ensuring that environmental impact studies are conducted prior to work being carried out.

✔️ Ensuring that tree felling and extraction is only carried out where absolutely necessary.

✔️ Ensuring that habitat creation, wildlife management, aquatic planting and path construction is done sensitively, adhering to environmental guidelines.

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