Business Sector
Business Sector

PBF operate across a range of business sectors. Using our specialist knowledge and extensive experience we tailor our provision to meet your needs. Our sector specific knowledge allows us to deliver the right solution with all the necessary compliance and quality requirements you require.

We understand your needs and are ready to help.

Here at PBF we know how the needs of our customers vary dependant on the sector they are in. We are used to working on large infrastructure projects with very high levels of compliance management through to smaller tasks for private clients. We understand the different priorities and KPI’s that our customers have. We work with our clients to deliver the right solution.

Energy and Utilities

We strive to incorporate suitable energy and utility practices across all our operations, with work only taking place within ecological constraints. For example, through hydroseeding we’ve created wildflower seed site screening bunds ideal for boosting biodiversity. Our selection of machinery also allows us to work on a range of projects within their respective ecological requirements.

Construction and Infrastructure

Our services are committed to suitable development, meaning we employ our experience and expertise so that our construction and infrastructure development projects are handled and executed with precision and care. We have a range of advanced equipment designed to be efficient and powerful, whilst minimising environmental impact. 

Transport Rail and Road

PB Forestry meticulously manages clearance operations on transport rail and road, handling hazards such as fallen branches or debris that disrupt traffic and vehicle flow. Our fast and efficient services allow us to minimise transport closure times by using advanced machinery and tools.

Quarries and Manufacturing

Our services cover quarries and manufacturing, where we provide specialist machinery and equipment designed to carry out precise and pivotal work. We’re dedicated to enhancing efficiency whilst minimising ecological impacts, demonstrating responsible practices that drive success and sustainability in industrialised settings.

Woodland and Enviromental

We provide tree and vegetation clearance, as well as forestry clearance and woodland management, using specialist equipment to allow us to work on both large and small projects. Our work allows for ground investigation, obstruction works and site access – whilst minimising environmental impact, protecting biodiversity and meeting ecological requirements, especially in sensitive woodland areas. 

Commercial Property Management

Our seasoned professionals manage the landscape of commercial properties using high end machinery, equipment and tools that strategically execute renovations and maintenance requests. With PB Forestry’s experince, precision and unmatched attention to detail, we’re on hand to help. 

Public Sector

PB Forestry’s services extends to work in the public sector, with tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of public projects. Our experience and expertise means we can help keep landscapes accessible and secure, as well remain committed to ecological integrity by minimising environmental impacts.

Private Clients and Estates Management

PB Forestry offers services to private clients in regards to estate management. Our state of the art machinery can match specific needs of landscape renovation projects big and small. We provide tailored solutions that harmonise with the property’s vision whilst ensuring its long-term vitality.

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