We have an impressive range of state-of-the-art machinery that can tackle any job, whatever the size or terrain. Safety is paramount and we use remote controlled equipment where possible.

Hitachi Zaxis 135 with Woodcracker CL-350 Tree-Shear​

Safe and efficient cutting, sectioning and handling of timber.  Used for clearance work, tree safety and can be used to feed a chipper.Dramatically reduces the need to manually fell and section timber using a chainsaw, reduces risk and increases productivity.

Kubota U27-4 with Woodcraker CL-190 Mini Tree Shear or mini-flail head​

This set up provides a smaller version of the excavator tree shear combination, ideal for smaller sites, restricted access, lighter vegetation and small trees.  The smaller size and lower ground pressure allow use in areas of ecological sensitivity and above buried services.  The tree shear can be used to cut, section and stack brash and small timber, as well as, safe feeding of a chipper.The mini-flail head provides efficient and safe clearance of vegetation, keeping the operator safe and minimising the need for use of powered hand tools.

Mini-Digger Post Knocker / Mini-Digger Auger

Providing excellent flexibility and efficient safe working the mini-digger post knocker is ideal for works such as newt fencing as well as regular post insertion. The auger capability is used for planting trees and for creating post holes for concreted posts for example when installing gates.


Finn T60 Hydroseeder

This towable unit is the hydroseeding solution providing rapid deployment of seed to meet your site landscaping requirements. The machine has two modes of operation with seed being gunned from the unit whilst being towed to cover large areas quickly, or the use of a flexible hose allowing manual spraying up to 100m from the vehicle.


Fast, ultra efficient, flexible and versatile with a range and reach of 13 meters, a 2.4 swing radius, a grapple saw and sensitive steering. This highly desired machinery proves to be the best yet in PB Forestry’s tool box for clearance and woodland dismantlement, as well as windblown and infected wood processing. 

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Hitachi Zaxis 135 with TMC Cancela THB 125 Mulching Head or Lipa Flail Head

The Cancela unit provides safe and efficient cutting and mulching of vegetation, small trees and tree stumps.  Used for clearance work and grounds maintenance.  Dramatically reduces the need to manually cut and clear with saws and brush-cutters.  Has excellent reach and flexibility for difficult sites.The Lipa unit is excellent for vegetation where there is less heavy growth.

Botex Forwarding Trailer​

With its onboard hydraulic crane the Botex forwarding trailer allows timber handling and timber extraction from the clearance area.  Typically working in combination with an excavator tree shear, the trailer allows sectioned timber to be moved across site and even short distance off site haulage.  Using the crane to self unload, the timber can be stacked ready for collection or processing.

Kesla C645T2 Whole Tree Chipper​

The Kesla chipper is trailer mounted and operated remotely by the tractor driver.  The combination allows the driver to sit at a safe distance in his cab whilst feeding the chipper with the on board hydraulic crane.  The remote operated discharge spout allows the chips to be directed to ground, into a trailer or lorry, the spout camera allowing the operator to position the material and control levels.

Chippers Schlesling 550 zx

The Schlesling unit fills the performance and capability gap between the smaller chippers and the Kesla type.  PTO driven, it has the power to deal with larger brash and timber.  It can be remotely operated by the driver of the excavator tree shear making for a safe and efficient, cutting and processing combination.

Tractor / Mower Votex Landmaster

Heavy duty agricultural flailmower designed for all types of grass and vegetation maintenance, The Landmaster combines a unique hydraulic side shift double linkage of 600mm, which means they can be rear or front mounted.

Ferri I-Cut Robo Flail / Mower / Stump Grinder​

The I-Cut units have become a key part of our site work capability.  As part of our investment in safer, more efficient operations, the units have dramatically reduced our need to use powered hand tools such as strimmers and brush cutters.  The units have interchangeable heads meaning they are capable of mowing, vegetation mulching and stump grinding.  The remote control functionality means that the operator is distanced from the hazards and does not get exposed to vibration or manual handling risks. 

Chipper - Timberwolf towable 230

State of the art chipper with diesel engine, hydraulic feed and braked road chassis. Strong, powerful and efficient, this is a high performing chipper.

Timberwolf tracked 280 chipper

The tracked units are particularly flexible and able to access most sites and locations.  Brought to site behind a pick-up the units are easy to move and deploy.

Protech Tracked Post Knocker​

Excellent for site and field work the tracked post knocker is ideal for installing both long fencing runs and smaller projects.  Able to carry the fencing materials to the work place it provides a site transport solution whilst removing the need for manual knocking.  The agile machine is able to be brought to site behind a pick-up eliminating the need for any HGV vehicles and making site access much more straightforward.

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