Kubota U27-4 with Woodcraker CL-190 Mini Tree Shear or mini-flail head​

This set up provides a smaller version of the excavator tree shear combination, ideal for smaller sites, restricted access, lighter vegetation and small trees. The smaller size and lower ground pressure allow use in areas of ecological sensitivity and above buried services. The tree shear can be used to cut, section and stack brash and small timber, as well as, safe feeding of a chipper.

The mini-flail head provides efficient and safe clearance of vegetation, keeping the operator safe and minimising the need for use of powered hand tools. Having the smaller version of the excavator and flail head gives great flexibility to our range of equipment, complementing the larger machines.


The Kubota unit is also used for small excavation and ground levelling works and for post knocking on reptile fencing as pictured.

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