We offer a range of complementary services which provide our customers with solutions to their clearance, landscaping and fencing needs. We often will provide different services to the same site as a project progresses.

An example large project job flow could be:

  • Initial vegetation clearance for ground investigation
  • Installation of reptile fencing
  • Tree and vegetation clearance for construction including hedge translocation
  • Temporary segregation, security fencing and stock fencing
  • Maintenance of compounds and site vegetation
  • Hydroseeding of soil storage bunds
  • Installation of final fencing to land or roads
  • Planting to a soft landscaping design
Vegetation Clearance

We specialise in site clearance works to enable construction and infrastructure projects, as well as, forestry clearance and woodland management. Our specialist equipment and skilled operators allow us to work on both large and small projects clearing land, trees, stumps and vegetation for ground investigation, enabling works, construction works and site access.

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Tree Safety

We apply the hierarchy of controls to all our work – minimising the risk to our teams. Where possible we use mechanised means to carry out tree safety work. Our specialist equipment allows for safe and efficient reduction or removal of unsafe trees. Ash Die Back and diseased trees are particularly dangerous and often require mechanised dismantling.

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Grounds Maintence

Let us manage your great outdoors! We can provide service packages through to one off visits, looking after your trees, vegetation, grass, plantations, and fencing. Work typically includes tree safety, grass mowing, vegetation cut-backs, siding up trees on access routes, paths and roads, hedge cutting, hedge improvements, replacement of failed plants, fencing repairs and upgrades, weed control and mulching.​

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PBF install fencing for agricultural, industrial, private customers and construction settings. We use tracked Protech post knockers where possible for works such as post and rail, stock fencing, deer netting and site fencing including post and Heras panel.

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As a company we pride ourselves in the ecological balance of the services we provide, planting many more trees and shrubs per year than we clear. Our planting services are used in habitat reinstatement, restoration works, soft landscaping, grounds maintenance and woodland management.

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PBF carry out mechanical and hydroseeding works for a range of purposes and clients. Projects include improving site biodiversity, creating habitats, protection of temporary soil storage bunds, ground reinstatement, creation of grassland, soil stabilisation, living walls, weed control and visual improvements.

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Specialist Construction

We carry out construction tasks that complement our landscaping work. These include footpath and cycleway construction, drainage and culverts. We have also created access tracks, ponds, bunds and badger sets. Our work is carried out to meet the needs of landscape designs or strict ecological constraints.

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Ecological Services

We can arrange Environmental and Ecological Impact Assessments – these are key tools for establishing the potential impacts of a project before work starts. Crucially at PBF we can implement the findings to provide the complete service.

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