PBF install fencing for agricultural, industrial and construction settings.  We use tracked Protech post knockers to carry out the majority of the installation works such as post and rail, stock fencing, deer netting and site fencing such as post and Heras panel.

We work on construction fencing providing temporary or semi-permanent fencing for segregation, security and site demarcation, plus permanent fencing solutions for site boundaries, footpaths, stock fencing, roads, cycleways etc.

Our specialist fencing work includes newt and reptile fencing, badger fencing (Including badger set creation), installation of bird and bat boxes, and otter fencing, often working with clients to deliver the required ecological management controls to enable there project to take place.

We install palisade and paladin type security and mesh fences as new installs or as upgrades and repairs to existing.  We are able to provide a range of specifications to meet your fencing and access gate requirements.

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Get in touch with PB Forestry