What is hydroseeding​?


Hydroseeding is the process of planting seeds by conveying them in water. The seeds are mixed with mulch, tackifier, fertiliser and water, and sprayed on to the chosen area. The mix can be specifically tailored to your site requirements sowing grasses, wildflowers and even trees! We can work to specifications provided by your landscape designer or we can recommend a solution to fit your requirements based on our extensive experience. Seed addition rates can be closely controlled to ensure the correct coverage is achieved.

Hydroseeding is undertaken using a purpose built trailer mounted machine consisting of a water bowser, an engine, a specially calibrated pump to prevent damage to the seeds and materials. This is towed by a 4×4 vehicle. Using specially designed agitation techniques the water, mulch, binders, grass seeds/wildflower seeds and fertilizer are held in suspension. The slurry is then discharged from either a cannon at rear of the machine or from a handheld lance at the end of extension hoses.


Hose deployment

The technique lends itself well to sloping ground and difficult to reach areas as we can deploy a hose and spray the mix over 100m from the pump unit.

The allows us to work in areas with no vehicular access and on slopes that would prevent mechanical seeding. This capability fits well with using hydroseeding as a technique to control slope erosion. The reach of the spray from the nozzle allows coverage even where pedestrian access is restricted such as on living walls and next to very steep or vertical drops.

We can also use hose spraying to cover other areas such as lawns and as part of landscaping plans – it is a cost-effective method to create lush, green grass for your garden and outdoor space. We specialise in helping your grass to develop and grow, with good weather and using good topsoil, you could expect germination in just 7 days.



Canon Deployment

For larger areas with vehicular access our hydroseeding units have a gunning tower. One technician works the gun whilst the other drives the 4×4 towing the unit. This method allows efficient and rapid coverage of ground with up to 10,000m2 being seeded per shift.



Hydroseeding, Hydro-Mulching and Erosion Control Services

Hydroseeding is technically the application of a seed, fertiliser and water mix. At PB Forestry we add and adjust the application levels of the Thermally Refined wood fibre to get the best possible germination performance.

Hydro-Mulching is used on projects with a higher risk of soil erosion and uses different types of wood fibre blends. The combination of the Thermally Refined wood fibres, cross linked tackifiers and activators anchor the fibre matrix firmly to the soil surface for the best possible germination while ‘locking’ the soil surface in place for up to 6 months. As the seeds germinate and grow the root structure takes over the role of binding the soil.


Hydro-Mulching is much more cost effective than the use of erosion matting techniques, with several key advantages:
  • Often matting doesn’t follow the contours of the soil structure and can actually impede the seed application and can be lifted as the grasses grow.
  • Hydro-Mulching a Fibre Matrix onto an area means the seed is stuck in place on the material it is actually going to establish on.
  • The fibre locks the surface in place for up to 6 months from then on, the established plants take over.
  • Because the Fibre Matrix bio-degrades over time it also means that the area can still be maintained unlike many matted areas.
  • Hydro-Mulch can be rapidly deployed to almost any area without the need for manual carrying and pegging of matting.
  • We do not need to drive on to the sloping ground to deploy the seed – eliminating the risk of damage from plant and vehicle access, keeping the area in good condition to receive the seeds.

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