Planting and Hydroseeding​

As a company we pride ourselves in the ecological balance of the services we provide – planting many more trees and shrubs per year than we clear.   Our planting services are used in ground reinstatement, restoration works, soft landscaping and grounds and woodland management.  We carry out planting on commercial and industrial sites as part of construction schemes and improvement projects.  Projects to date have included planting of hedgerows, small and semi mature trees, creation of habitats, translocation of hedge and turf.  Working closely with our clients we are able to advise on the practical aspects of implementing planting and soft landscaping designs.

PBF carry out mechanical and hydroseeding works for a range of purposes and clients.  Projects include improving site biodiversity, creating habitats, protection of temporary soil storage bunds, ground reinstatement, soil stabilisation, weed control and visual improvements.  Seed mixes can be tailored to meet you site requirements with grassland and wildflower blends.  Specialist engineered fibre matrix can be used to help stabilise a surface until initial growth occurs.

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