Tree & Vegetation Clearance​

We specialise in site clearance works to enable construction and infrastructure projects.

Our specialist equipment and skilled operators allow us to work on both large and small projects clearing land, trees, stumps and vegetation for ground investigation, enabling works, construction works and  site access.

We use efficient mechanised clearance techniques to safely fell, cut and process trees, hedgerows and vegetation.  The resultant timber can be reclaimed for beneficial use and timber production, chipped for production of renewable biomass energy or chipped and spread for landscaping, weed control or beneficial community use.

Our scope of works include specialist arboriculture work, tree safety and tree reduction – where required we use highly trained rope access technicians to perform the works but also work from MEWPs or use machinery if possible to remove the need to climb.​​

We work on a wide range of sites from inner city and industrial, to tree plantations and established woodlands.  We are able to work with you on your project whether that be under the requirements of CDM Regulations or under your woodland management and biodiversity plan.  Our teams constantly work in challenging construction environments or with ecologically sensitive sites.

Our range of clearance machinery enables all projects to be carried out with minimal risk please see the equipment section for details of our capability.

As of 2022, we now use the SENNEBOGEN 718 E-Series, a highly desired piece of machinery within the industry, designed for specialist tree handling. Find out more here.

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Get in touch with PB Forestry